Leading global manufacturer of wear parts adaptable
for arm mower

A new « Trident » to maintain roadways.

12 Mai 2015

Article paru dans le magazine Matériel & Paysage du mois d'avril 2015. 

Sima has closed its doors two months ago but its myriad innovations still possible to present innovations materials.

The Auvergne manufacturer of wear parts, Forges Gorce has presented at the SIMA his new “Trident”. Designed to maintain the roads and urban roads, this set consists of a square bottom shackle (spacing 49 mm/14mm diameter), two y knifes (5mm thick) and a right central knife ensuring the suction of cut strands. The shackle has been specially shaped so that the knives move freely, at the same height and without friction.

Forges Gorce highlights the quality work of its “Trident”: it significantly improves the crushing plants and shrubs (up to 15 mm diameter). The ground materiel is generated and finer and better distributed on the ground, like a quality mulch, says the specialist.

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