Spring Mowing

Published : 2020-04-16

The 2020 mowing campaign will begin. Remember to check your stocks and the state of your cutlery! For the first spring pass, we recommend the spoon knives for mowing the "benches" and the short cuts, because their cutting edge shaves the ground and gives a lawn effect to your work.

How to optimize the performance of your tools ?
Regularly monitor your equipment. It is essential to monitor the wear of your parts. Worn knives or hardware will damage other parts of your machine, such as the rotor. It is therefore recommended to replace them quickly.

1. BLADE 134 adaptable to type manufacturer machines Lagarde - Noremat - Rousseau - SMA .. .PRODUCT DETAIL.

2. BLADE 166 adaptable to type manufacturer machines McConnel - Ferri - Kuhn - Mulag - Nicolas - SMA .. .PRODUCT DETAIL.

3.BLADE 182 NEW adaptable to type manufacturer machines Bomford - McConnel - Muthing .. .PRODUCT DETAIL.

Terms of Delivery
In order to best anticipate this new mowing campaign and the longer delivery times due to the current health crisis, we invite you to place your orders directly on our website where you can follow the progress of preparation and shipping of your parts.

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