Over 38 years of collaboration between Forges Gorce and its customers

Forges Gorce, manufacturer of wearing parts for mowers and brushcutters

An International Collaboration

Manufacturer of original parts for the most important machine builders in France, Europe and internationally. We have been collaborating for many years with SMA, Rousseau, Lagarde, Bomford, Mc Connel, Nicolas...

70% of the departmental parks and general councils, as well as the largest motorway companies in France trust us.

A Collaboration of Professionals
Distribution networks such as Socodicor Campa, Espace Emeraude, Cap Alliance, Delta Force, Scar, Garem, Agro Service 2000, and many others, now include more than 3 000 points of sale in France and abroad.

An Approved Technique

The creation, development, manufacture of product and follow-up of field trials are carried out by the Forges Gorce design office.

We work with the best steelworks to ensure you a quality raw material. The parts are made from a steel alloy meeting a specific and very detailed specification.

The manufacturing process is innovative : Induction heating and hot stamping allowing better fiberizing of the metal and therefore excellent resistance of the part to impact and wear.

Forges Gorce is committed to preserving the environment : Water quenching, adoption of recyclable cardboard boxes and electric forklifts.
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