Spare and wear parts for mowers / brushcutters

The trimmer is used to trim hedges and bushes, this tool plays an essential role. Changing parts becomes necessary when they are worn out. Forges Gorce offers articles adapted to your needs . We have been manufacturing spare parts for mower and mowers from the biggest brands in the sector for around thirty years.

Forges Gorce: 40 years of experience at your service

Founded in 1982, Forge Gorce is the leading manufacturer of spare parts for mowers and spreaders: knives, shackles, spoons, screws, screeds, hammers and rotors. You are at the right address, you will quickly find a room for a thresher. Our site is organized to facilitate your research. You can also visit the numerous points of sale present in several countries.

Spare parts for mower / cutter: Proven quality

Forge Gorce has built a solid reputation since its foundation. We use a specific steel alloy to guarantee the solidity of our spare parts. Our teams also rely on a proven method: induction heating and hot stamping. Thanks to these relevant choices, the parts are resistant to shocks and last longer.

The major brands in the sector trust us

Rousseau, Noremat, SMA, Bomford, Lagarde, Ferri, Mac Connel, we offer spare parts for the best brands in the sector. We methodically follow the specifications provided by our partners. Spare parts meet their expectations . This is why our collaboration has been going on for a long time. They continue to honor us with their trust. Knowing the references will help you easily find the items you need.

We are at your service when purchasing your spare parts for mowers / cutters

Excellent responsiveness

Stocks are organized so that items are quick to find. After validation of your order, you will receive your parts within less than 72 hours . You can thus quickly continue the work in case the replacement takes place during a campaign. Your efficiency is our first concern. Knowing this precise interval allows you to plan your interventions as best as possible on your agricultural machinery.

A professional team at your service

Our professional team is at your service. Our members will be happy to help you choose the best replacement for your spreader . They will offer you specific products if you plan to carry out unique activities. For example, reinforced knives promote the achievement of superior quality. The fineness of the cut is much more precise. Our advisers will prepare a quote as soon as possible. You can also call us directly on 04 73 80 35 22!